Dear Friends,

Colour Haze – Sacred – Elektrohasch 013

The new album.
I think I can say this time we created a little masterpiece. We hope it will bring you a lot of joy and good
energies – especially in these times.

On September 13th Sacred will be ready for order at the Colour Haze / Elektrohasch webshop..

CD The CD is in print and will be sent out this month.
LP As I already ordered the LP pressing last year – before we even started recording – the delivery is
scheduled for October – if all goes right with the pressing... keep your fingers crossed...
Therefore I was fully occupied with getting the album finished on time the recent months. Please
apologize if the one or other thing at Elektrohasch might have taken longer. Artists....

Downloads are immediately available on the 13th
(As we had a few misunderstandings here in the past: If you purchase the bundle of LP & download the
download is immediately ready in your account (after payment) – you don‘t have to wait for the LP to
arrive with a code)
If you purchase the HiRes version you get both: wav. + mp3 (as always)

LP luxury edition: Of course there will be a limited special edition of the album. This time no colored
vinyl but the regular black 180gr. LP in an special 6-page fold-out-cover, clothbound with embossed gold-
printing! Handnumbered and limited on 500 copies. Including mp3 & HiRes download.

We are yet working on it, but a delivery until end of the year could be possible.
This will not be exactly cheap but as you know you can expect an increasing value... ; )

Colour Haze concerts
We are on tour again soon!
Since two years the dates in Spain, Portugal and France have been delayed and delayed – and in the end
the prices for the necessary nightliner (the distances...) doubled so it seemed to be impossible to go on this
But we are taking the hardship. We will drive all the kilometers in a van by ourselves now to finally play
again for you! Please come to the shows! And bring your friends! We won‘t do this every year... : )
23.09. DE - Erfurt, Zughafen
24.09. AT - Salzburg, Rockhouse
26.09. FR - Toulouse, Rex
27.09. ES - Bilbao, Kafe Antzokia
28.09. POR - Porto, Hard Club
29.09. ES - Madrid, Nazca
30.09. ES - Almeria, Tabernas Rock Festival
01.10. ES - Barcelona, Upload
02.10. FR – Marseille, Le Molotov

07.10. DE - Rosenheim, Asta Kneipe
08.10. DE - München, Hansa 39 Keep It Low
26.11. DE -Köln, Volta - Ripple-Fest
06.12. DE – Dresden
07.12. DE – Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg
08.12. DK – Kopenhagen, Stengade
09.12. SE – Stockholm, Truckfighters Festival
more dates to be announced...

Elektrohasch Label
With my last new artists - We Here Now, Public Animal, Carpet, Saturnia... – my taste aparently didn‘t
meet yours. That especially such a great, stylisticaly independent album like We Here Now – The
Chikipunk Years – a group apart from the usual European/NorthAmerican origin was sold just 60 times
made me think.
I stopped signing new bands therefore since quite a while – also because I didn‘t got too much interesting
offered recently (well for my taste...).
My initial plan was to concentrate on my own band but keep your favorite Elektrohasch-classics in stock
– such as My Sleeping Karma, Rotor, Sungrazer, The Machine or Hypnos 69 , etc...
Unfortunately pressing vinyl is such a pain in the ass these days and furthermore became so exspensive I
simply can‘t afford anymore to repress and store 500 copies of records which will sell slowly over coming
Well – there is a time for everything.
I want to thank all artists, record enthusiasts, customers, retailers, friends for the trust and the interest in
Elektrohasch the last 19 years! Thank you very much!
For farewell I‘ll release a remastered reprint of the Sungrazer LP.
Otherwise I will sell off my stock.
Many CDs are in the webshop for sell-out prices now! Have a look! What you don‘t want to have will go
in recycling one day...
Elektrohasch will stay in business! -
but in the future only as a label for Colour Haze (and matching bandmember projects like Marios
endless A Great River In The Sky)
I think I made a small contribution to music-culture with Elektrohasch – but I‘m also exhausted from all
the work.
I want to use all my energy entirely for my own music now – especially as with Mario and Jan we gained
fresh power and new possibilities. Sacred is a first result. And we have a lot of plans....

Liebe Grüße & Best Wishes

Stefan Koglek

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