My words used for today's Colour Haze announcement from TheDesertFest 2013, another great addition to what is becoming a world quality fest! :- "Colour Haze don't really need much of a 'get to know the band' introduction here. By now they are surely the most revered German stoner rockers there are. They have been building upon their legacy with increasingly ambitious albums for what is approaching twenty years now, and still, a new Colour Haze album is not 'just another new release'. For them it is their next contribution to the history of psychedelic rock, and for the fans another shining standard by which other bands will yet again be measured.

This is due to the attitude and dedication they put into everything they do, and the same level of commitment is put into every live show too. If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing them yet, you can expect guitarist Stefan Koglek, bassist Philipp Rasthofer and drummer Manfred Merwald, one of the tightest trios around, to begin by delicately weaving their magic upon a speechless audience. Then, slowly and intently, sculpting the warm tones and euphoric atmosphere with a fine control over every nuance until they crescendo in swirling mantras which speak directly to the soul.

With last years's long-awaited 'She Said' LP released on Stefan Koglek's own Elektrohasch label, plus it's introduction of adventurous new instrumentation, the band stretched their sonic arsenal further than ever before and honed it to perfection with an extensive european tour of 3-hour sets. Do yourself a favour and 'Come on feel the Haze' at Desertfest 2013!"

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