Dear Friends

it took a long time and was a hard way but finally we made it: the recording, mixing and mastering of the new Colour Haze album is finished and in the end all turned out quite good I`d say, despite all limitations and difficulties. In the next days we will cut the master and finish last details of the artwork, so next week the Double-CD is off to print and the Vinyl to cut. i.e. In latest 3 weeks the DCD and in abprox 4-6 weeks the DLP will be available. We hope to bring to you a lot of pleasure and joy with this album, we tried to give our very best... ; )
Please do not send any mails with preorders! I`ll send a regular newsletter with more details when the CD is available. I intend to release the Vinyl at first in a limited version only - 1000 copies of colored and another 1000 copies of black vinyl in a relief-printed 3-panel fold-out-cover. This issue should be high enough that nobody needs to be afraid to miss his copy... later there will be an unlimited version for a nicer price of course. But also here: more in the next newsletter. Please excuse I was often slow in sending parcels and answering mails the last weeks - I devoted everything to the album...
Best Wishes

Stefan Koglek

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